IOTask - Project Management Web UI Kit

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150 web pages for your future project. Also, you can use our set of 170+ unique UI kit components to built your own product. All objects are vector-based and easily editable.

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What's Included

IOTask UI kit is perfect for any SaaS projects, project management services, team productivity portals, and ToDo tools. We used free Google Font as well as free embedded icon font that you can easily replace.

πŸ–₯ 150 Predesigned pages

πŸ•ΉοΈ 170+ UI Symbols

🧩 Built-in design system

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πŸ”„ Version 1.0 - 62 Pages

πŸ”„ Version 2.0 - 36 New Pages

πŸ”„ Version 3.0 - 26 New Pages

πŸ”„ Version 4.0 - 26 New Pages

πŸ”„ Version 4.1 - Release on May 24, 2021. In this version, you will find the support of color variables in Sketch as well as global styles for colors, fonts in Figma. We also added an auto-layout feature for primary symbols in the Figma app.

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Product details

Pre-designed pages
UI kit components
Built-in design system
File size
1.13 Gb
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.sketch, .figma, .xd, .psd


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IOTask - Project Management Web UI Kit

12 ratings